Horses are amazing creatures. Incredible athletes. Unparalleled partners. They have the power to transform us into something better. And inspire us in remarkable ways.

Because our horses are our heroes, we care deeply about the equipment that unites horses and humans. As a rider, your choice about the products you use impacts your horse’s attitude and ability. We believe our tack should be more than mere tools. It should be thoughtfully engineered—an instrument of performance—designed to honor the horse’s natural abilities and to showcase their spectacular athleticism.


The collection of brands we carry meet this high threshhold of design and performance, and respect the horse. We are excited to share the wisdom and philosophy behind each brand’s product line. In this catalog, you’ll meet the horsemen and women behind each brand, and learn about how to evaluate equipment with your horse’s best interests in mind. Plus, you’ll learn how to properly fit various pieces of tack to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

Our mission is to provide intelligent products that respect and honor the horse. We look forward to serving you and your amazing horse.

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