3 Basic Rules for Leather Care

You made an investment in your saddle and strap goods, so follow this easy advice for basic care. It’s simple! Just 3 basic rules:


Avoid storing your leather in overly humid or overly dry places. A dehumidifier can really benefit the leather during humid summer days. ?


When cleaning your leather tack and strap goods, use a clean sponge and clean water to remove dirt, sweat and mud. Once the tack is free of debris and sweat, use a leather-friendly tack cleaner such as Amerigo Soft Clean. This gently cleanses and conditions the tack leaving it soft and supple.


Next, apply a conditioner as needed. When you oil your leather, do so sparingly. Apply it only when necessary and only to clean, dry leather. Never apply oil on leather billet sas it weakens them, can make them stretch and cause the holes to become elongated. Never dip your leather directly into oil. Balsam is also recommended for conditioning, and can be used in place of the oil. But again, not on billets. Balsam has the added benefit of providing some extra grip and can protect from rain. ?

We strongly recommend using Amerigo Soft Clean, Soft Balm and Soft Oil, to keep your leather tack beautiful and growing softer with each use. All of these leather care products are bio-friendly and are formulated to clean and protect leather. They are also available as a set in the Amerigo Mini Care Set. Stay tuned for more advanced leather care tips!

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