Advanced technology implemented in an equine sensor. Now you can improve every aspect of your horse’s performance. Easy to use. For every level. Every discipline.

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An innovative sensor, easy to use and lightweight, that allows you to significantly improve your horse’s performance. Now you have the ability to visualize the actual jump trajectory, to identify the optimal parameters and to prevent injuries by analyzing the smallest variations. All data is available on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Precise and useful data.

Specially created and developed by a team of Swiss riders and engineers, the Move Pro gives you the most precise data available today. Thanks to world-class technology, also used in the aeronautics industry, the Move Pro provides unique in-depth analysis of your horse’s movement, including real 3D trajectory.


Always further.

With adapted training based on unique information provided by the Move Pro, your horse can achieve new levels of performance. Whatever your current level, information such as the length and height of the strides and obstacles, as well as the incredibly accurate GPS tracking, allows you to customize your training in order to reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Reliable data with unmatched precision.

The Move Pro precisely analyzes the displacement of your horse in a 3D environment. It detects your own lateral balance – are you balanced? Straightness – is your horse in axis? And it detects cadence, speed and the intensity of the session.


An ingenious system that works in harmony with the horse.

The Move Pro attaches and detaches easily from the girth. A robust leather attachment is included in the pack.

Quick start – only one button.

Start your session quickly without the need of your smartphone, by simply pressing the unique button on the Move Pro sensor.

A simplified or detailed display

Whether you are a leisure rider, an amateur rider or a professional, choose the display mode that best suits your specific needs.


Perfectly optimized for the main equine disciplines.


In competition or in training, analyze your ride in every detail.


Analyze unique parameters, such as: amplitude, straightness, and the GPS path of your course or test.


Follow your horse’s locomotion evolution.


Optimize the performance of your horse using data such as: speed, GPS path, distance and intensity.


Follow your path at all three gaits and keep an eye on your horse’s locomotion.

Automated detection of injuries and locomotion irregularities.

Thanks to the unique data collected and the accuracy of the Move Pro, our revolutionary algorithm will warn you when an irregularity in your horse’s locomotion occurs.


Browse your sessions on the device you want.

By using our centralized platform, you can view your data on any media, smartphones, tablets or computers.


Our platform promotes teamwork by sharing your data with professionals you choose such as your trainer, saddler or vet.



Move Pro Sensor
Girth attachment in Kevlar
USB wire
AC adapter


HD Inertial unit


Shock repellent, sand and dustproof, splash proof.


Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy technology – BTLE 4.2 (5.0 ready)
USB micro type B

Size & Weight

Length: 11,5 cm or 4,33 inches (max)

Height: 2,5 cm or 0.78 inches (max)

Width: 5,8 cm or 1,96 inches (max)

Weight: 127 gr or 4.47 oz (less than a smartphone)

Battery & Charge
In use Up to 14 hours
Rechargeable Li-po battery integrated
Charging over USB on computer or with AC adapter.
Memory & Recording

10 hours of continuing recording in the building memory.
Start, pause or stop recording your session with the unique button on the sensor. Those actions can either be done through the mobile app.


Indoor and Outdoor
Currently, the GPS path is only available outdoor under certain conditions due to the actual limitations of the GPS technology.

Required configuration

Alogo ID
Internet access
A smartphone or a Mac/PC for the synchronization and backup of your data.


Supported languages: English, German and French.

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