Amerigo Goes Glam!

The new Masterclass saddle collection by Amerigo combines technical excellence with a fashion twist.

Amerigo’s new, exclusive Masterclass collection of saddles combines technical expertise with a celebration of color.

For 20 years, Amerigo has been leading the way in technical saddle design. They are a must-have for riders who want to ensure well-being for them and their horse while improving their athletic performance, with an eye to elegance and quality.

The new Masterclass collection adds a fashion twist to the saddle design thanks to the colored edging between the seat and the panels, and discreet color accents on the flap and the logo tag. The palette of colors offers 12 different shades that go from exclusive silver and gold, to soft pastels and bright nuances.

The collection consists initially of one saddle for dressage and one for jumping, individually handmade to order with superior Italian leather. The saddles come complete with the new MPS flocking system that give the panels a unique mixture of synthetic fibers, providing unmatched fit for the horse.

See the Masterclass Classic Dressage here;

and the Masterclass Deep Jump here.

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