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Top class performance in any discipline requires a healthy, fit and talented horse to be able to give us his best.

The fast moving, technical jumping courses, the absolute precision in the dressage arena, and the demands of complex cross country courses mean the horse and rider must be working as one, making those split second decisions together with total commitment. Thanks to the precise fit, the balance, and the unbeatable quality of Amerigo saddles, we are proud to have a large number of top international riders working with us. Designed by Peter Menet.

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Proven performance worldwide, year after year.

Amerigo Vega saddles are a favorite in the dressage arena, on cross-country and in show jumping for one main reason: they WORK! Providing correct balance for the rider, and excellent fit for the horse that compliments the natural dynamic of the horse in motion, Vega saddle are the saddle of choice for discerning riders. Designed with independent Swiss style wool flocked panels, beautiful Italian leather, precision craftsmanship and an array of fitting options for not only the horse, but the rider too!

Amerigo Vega saddles feature a unique tree. Made from polycarbonate, the tree allows flexibility while remaining supportive. You’ll find all the goodness from Amerigo saddles in the Amerigo Vega line. The very same perfect rider balance that starts with unique tree shapes created for specific toplines and body shapes.

Amerigo Fitters & Dealers

Amerigo Saddles are custom fit to both horse and rider. With 8 different dressage trees and 6 different jump trees, precision fitting is our specialty. Combine that with independent Swiss style wool panels, multiple panel densities, billeting configurations, and tree widths in half centimeter increments means we can fit even the most complicated backs.

A balanced seat promotes the proper use of aids, 5 seat sizes, luxurious calfskin, 17 different blocks, and 8 flap configurations delivers as precise and comfortable a fit for the rider as the horse.

Because of the many variations and options, Amerigo saddles are fitted and sold through a knowledgeable group of fitters and dealers that have been thoroughly trained on the Amerigo brand and philosophy. We are proud to have the fitters listed below representing Amerigo saddles, and confident that they will meet the requirements for you and your horse. Please note, the Vega models are available through the dealers below, as well as through a number of excellent tack shops nationwide. Please use our dealer locator, or call us for the Vega dealer nearest you.

Trusted by Top Performing Riders

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Peter Menet

Designer of Amerigo Saddles, has created a legendary following among top riders for his application of equine bio-mechanics to saddle design. Made in Italy with the finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, and independent Swiss style panels, Amerigo saddles are designed to sit the rider’s weight slightly more forward, over the strongest part of the horse’s back. This takes pressure off the sensitive area of the back, allowing the hind legs to swing under, and encouraging the horse’s back to lift without interference from the saddle. Amerigo the saddle that puts the rider in a position of perfect balance and harmony with the horse.

A Life with Horses

A competitive show jumping rider all his life and a passionate breeder of sport horses, Peter Menet thoroughly understands horses. His work in Switzerland means that he sees 10-12 horses and their riders each day. Measuring them for new saddles, checking the fit of their existing saddles, and advising all levels of riders. Peter’s extensive knowledge of how saddles can influence the horses’ performance is highly respected, and his seminars on the subject often form parts of further education for Vets, physiotherapists and Osteopaths worldwide. Another important part of his work for Amerigo is training and educating the sales people in other countries to be able to assess horses and riders in the same way he does.

Saddle Management and the Horse?s Health

Correct saddle management not only improves performance, but it helps to keep your horse healthier. A horse which is able to move more efficiently and use its back correctly will ultimately place less strain on its body, as well as building up the required muscles to support it. This is becoming increasingly recognized by many Vets, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths who are specialized in equine treatments. Peter Menet work closely with several top international Vets and Osteopaths, both as an advisor, and also in an educational capacity. The bio mechanics of the horse work in the same way, irrespective of whether the horse is a show jumper, dressage horse, event horse, or an Icelandic, or whether it is young or old. And the principles can be applied to all. Young horses in particular benefit enormously from good saddle management in the early years.

Properly Fitting Amerigo Saddles

Measuring Horse & Rider

The topline is measured to establish which saddle tree needs to be used. One of the core points of saddle fitting is that the saddle itself must reflect the shape of the horses? topline, so that the saddle fits the horse accurately and allows for the weight of the rider to be carried in the correct area.

The profile of the horse is measured to establish the width of the saddle and the shape of the head iron. This process starts just behind the withers and is repeated at various points along the horses back.

The rider is measured. Leg measurements, height and weight are noted. Detailed information on horse and rider is compiled onto the measure sheet and are used to create each individual saddle.

Winning Details

What makes a performance really great, is the attention to the details. There are the design details both inside and out, that make the special difference.

The saddle tree brings a saddle to life and is the difference between it being just a saddle and an Amerigo! Each Amerigo saddle tree is individually prepared according to the measurements of horse and rider, as are the wool flocked independent panels.

Independent panels differ from many panel systems as they are made in two separate pieces that do not have any gussets or preformed pressure points that can affect the horse. They are filled with a synthetic wool mixture, which is hard-wearing, hygienic and low maintenance. The wool reacts to heat and, when used, adapts itself easily to the shape of the horse and provides a glove-like fit.

Even the girth straps can be placed individually to suit all types of horse conformation.

The latest addition of elegant reinforcement strips to all our Pinerolo and Special, calfskin covered saddles ensures that the edges of the flaps are protected from unnecessary wear, and an extra layer of soft padding under the riders? leg provides even more rider comfort.

The Soul Essense


Amerigo saddles come with a five year guarantee on the saddle tree, excluding accidents and damage caused by work done by an unauthorized third party.


Amerigo Vega saddles come with a lifetime guarantee on the saddle tree, excluding accidents and damage caused by work done by an unauthorized third party.

All of our Amerigo saddles are made with wooden spring trees, and we have a wide selection of specially designed trees to allow us to fit many different types of horses and riders precisely. The reinforced head iron enables us to adjust the saddles accurately when this is required.

Our Amerigo Vega saddle line is made using our own specially created synthetic tree incorporating a tempered steel head iron. The experience gained through Amerigo over many years has gone into the design of the Vega saddle tree which reflects the most popular measurements, and has produced a very flexible saddle that is suitable for many horses and riders. As with the Amerigo saddles, the Amerigo Vega line is made with wool flocked independent panels.

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