Buck Davidson


“I love the way Amerigo saddles fit my horses, and I always feel secure.?

??The Tri-zone Cross Country boots have become an essential part of my equipment. They are super protective, yet unbelievably light weight, and the air vents keep my horse?s legs from overheating. They are great in water, as it drains out quickly and doesn?t add any weight. I highly recommend them, especially for my upper level horses.?

?I started using the Equilibrium Massage Pad after learning about it at the 2009 USEA Convention. My barn is always really busy, and we are on the road competing a lot. This massage pad fits into our program perfectly- the results are clear ? and the benefit to the horses is twofold- it is great for aiding in a supple and relaxed back, which enhances performance, and additionally you can tell they are enjoying it mentally from their expression. All around, it?s a good addition to our program.?

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