Trainer’s Corner: Healthy Contact with 4* Eventer Natalia Neneman

Natalia Neneman is a 4* eventer based in Ocala, FL. “Teaching my young horses to hold a soft contact with the bit is something I take very seriously; doing the proper behind-the-scenes work will produce willing, happy, upper-level horses! “One really effective exercise I use to teach this is a simple trot-pole exercise. Set four…
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Mattes Sound Proof Ear Bonnet

2024 Show Season MUST HAVES

The 2024 show season is underway (where does the time go!?)! We’ve taken the liberty of making you a little list of equipment essentials you NEED going into that first horse show of the year. Horse feeling a little…err..fresh going into horse show #1 this year? Help him tune out the noise with a Mattes…
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Woodge Fulton PC Libby Law

1% More: New Year Planning with 5* Event Rider Woodge Fulton

Woodge Fulton “1% More” is a blog series in which we ask World Equestrian Brands endorsed and trainer team riders to give us one booster tip that will help us to improve our competitive edge by 1%. As any true athlete knows, all of those 1%s add up to significant results.  It’s January! Time to…
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Using the Equilibrium Hotspot on Your Horse!

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Using the Equilibrium Hotspot Massage Mitt on your Horse There are many different ways to use this ‘handy,’ hand-held device offering both massage and heat for horses and their owners/riders alike. Get the battery charged up so that the light on the charger goes green, and you’re good to go! Introducing the Hotspot to your…
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Still not using massage on yourself? You are missing out on these benefits.

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Hannah Donnelly, Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) investigates the benefits of massage for horse riders, used alongside heat, to target the four main areas horse riders tend to commonly suffer with.  The benefits of massage for horse riders. Massage has been used by therapists for thousands of years. Evidence suggests it is beneficial for a variety…
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MELP Mattes Product Cleaner

Keep Your Mattes Product Warranty In Force

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It’s not by chance that sheepskin is used in the making of Mattes pads. The special properties of sheepskin are not replicated by any other material. For more than 150 years 😮 E.A.Mattes has specialized in sheepskin hides. They source the majority of their sheepskin from Australia, and they know a thing or two about…
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