Custom Mattes For Christmas!

We can hardly believe it, but the cut off for ordering custom Mattes products in time for Christmas is fast approaching!! Get your order in no later than October 23 to ensure delivery by the holiday.

You can custom order your Mattes pad to match your barn colors, your horse’s color, or your favorite colors! Everything is customizable:

  • quilt color (34 color options)
  • sheepskin color (33 color options)
  • binding color (48 color options)
  • colors on up to 3 rows of piping (41 color options for each of the 3 rows!)

Plus you can order without billet straps, and of course, you can choose your size and whether you want sheepskin in front, rear, or none at all!

Matching accessories such as ear bonnets are also available. Click here to order online now.

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