Fall Is For Finals

We have fond fall memories of riding our horses on a crisp day with the sun shining brightly. We snuck into our neighbor’s apple orchard, filled our shirts with apples, and took off on our horses before we were caught! Thankfully, our early life of crime didn’t take root, but it sure got us laughing and our adrenaline pumping!

Today, fall is a time of year when we focus on helping you prepare for the end of season shows and championships. You want to look and perform your best at these final events, and we have a number of items to help you do just that.

Our Top 6 Must-Haves for Fall Gear

1. A crisp, white Mattes pad helps you stand out against fall colors and presents a professional appearance.

2. Look to Stretch & Flex in the warm-up for easy on/off and the protection you need before these final classes.

3. Amerigo saddles have been designed to give your horse the ultimate freedom of movement while under saddle so he can use every bit of his natural talent for clearing oxers, making time on the XC course, or performing beautiful pirouettes. Be sure and check out the new Masterclass Classic Dressage and Masterclass Deep Jump with remarkable attention to details and gorgeous colors.

4. Keep your horse’s back healthy and relaxed so they can perform their best with an Equilibrium massage pad. These are easy to use, portable and produce amazing results. Your horse will perform better and feel great!

5. For dressage riders, look to the Vespucci Veritas Dressage Snaffle bridle. It beautifully accentuates your horse’s head and is just the standout look you need for the championships and final events this season.

6. And of course, after a full season of sweating it out at the shows, your tack needs some love! Clean it up and condition it with Amerigo leather care products such as Soft Clean Soap and Soft Oil, or the awesome all-in-one Soft Care.

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