How Sheepskin Protects Your Horse

Sheepskin has incredible properties that make it ideal for saddle pads. We’ve all felt how soft and cuddly some saddles can be! But, like so many other topics, this subject is more complex when we look at it more closely. Knowing what makes a high quality saddle pad will help you evaluate what you have or what you’re thinking of buying.

All Sheepskin Is Not Created Equal

E.A.Mattes has been producing sheepskin products for more than 150 years! So they know a thing or two about its properties.

What Peter Mattes knows about selecting the proper type of sheepskin for a specific application would fill an encyclopedia. ๐Ÿ“– And he has perfected the amazing line of Mattes saddle pads using this knowledge.

What To Look For

The right hide for saddle pads has wool fiber that is dense enough to carry the weight of the saddle and rider without matting down. And it has long enough fibers to allow the wool to move with the horse’s back, thus eliminating friction.๐Ÿค” Too long, or too sparse, and the pad will not perform the job of protecting your horse’s back.

In addition, a single hide is used. This eliminates seams coming into contact with your horse’s back, ensuring no rubs or discomfort for your horse.

This deep understanding of the hide characteristics is combined with expertise of equine anatomy and results in saddle pads which are shaped and contoured to the horseโ€™s back.

Other intelligent design features are:

  • an anatomically correct designed topline;
  • a patented Spine-Free channel running the length of the topline; and,
  • the use of a single hide so no seams come into contact with the horseโ€™s back.

These combined features prevent rubs, sore spots, and pressure. No other sheepskin saddle pad measures up to a Mattes.

Remember, a poor saddle pad can ruin a good saddle fit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Peter Mattes

Shop all Mattes products.

Or design a custom pad with our configurator – it’s fun! ๐Ÿค—

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It’s not by chance that sheepskin is used in the making of Mattes pads. The special properties of sheepskin are not replicated by any other material. For more than 150 years ๐Ÿ˜ฎ E.A.Mattes has specialized in sheepskin hides. They source the majority of their sheepskin from Australia, and they know a thing or two about…
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