MELP Mattes Product Cleaner

Keep Your Mattes Product Warranty In Force

It’s not by chance that sheepskin is used in the making of Mattes pads. The special properties of sheepskin are not replicated by any other material. For more than 150 years 😮 E.A.Mattes has specialized in sheepskin hides. They source the majority of their sheepskin from Australia, and they know a thing or two about how to care for sheepskin. That’s why they developed a cleanser, specifically for Mattes products. When you use it, you maintain not only the quality of your Mattes product, but also the satisfaction guarantee that comes with your purchase.

Caring For Your Mattes

Daily Care.

After every ride, lay your saddle pad sheepskin-up, so it can dry. Do not lay in the sun! Before your next ride, simply use a stiff grooming brush on the sheepskin to separate and fluff the fibers. After multiple rides, you’ll feel the “bounce” of the sheepskin has diminished, that’s how you know it’s time to wash your Mattes.

Wash Your Mattes.

Wash your Mattes sheepskin occasionally and exclusively with MELP. This detergent includes re-greasing properties to keep sheepskin in top condition.

Tip: buy the larger size to save $$. Use only a small amount – a little goes a long way! 😉

Regular detergents can dry the sheepskin, lessen the quality of the pad, and negate your satisfaction guarantee.

Hand or machine wash your Mattes in cold water on the Gentle setting. Then gently pull the pad/product into shape, and lay flat to dry. Do not expose to sun or dry with heat!


In order to maintain your satisfaction guarantee warranty for Mattes products, MELP must be used when washing.

That’s it. If you follow these simple guidelines, your Mattes product will last a long time. If you have questions or concerns, simply contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions!

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