Couture Ear Bonnet + Sound Proof



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Fly veils: The final touch to your horse’s turnout

Our mercerized cotton fly veils are the perfect finishing touch to your four-legged friend’s outfit. They are available in three sizes: M for small horses, L for warmbloods, and XL for heavy horses. The binding and piping are available in a choice of almost 50 different colors. We can offer more than 30 colors for the fabric and crocheted cotton. How about padded ears and your own motif or the famous MATTES logo embroidered on them?

A lavish final touch to create a flawless appearance

Our hand-crocheted Egyptian cotton fly veils are mercerized and finished in several stages. This gives these fly veils from MATTES their silky and wash-resistant sheen. They are color-fast and score highly for strength and reliable stability.

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Product Description

Hand crocheted from the finest Egyptian cotton, you will find that only our Mattes bonnets will do as the perfect complement to your pads, girths, and boots. Whether sporting your farm colors in the schooling ring or going clear in a jump-off, the comfort, quality, and excellent fit of the Mattes bonnets are sure to please equestrians with even the most discerning taste.

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