Edwina Jumper Reins with Hook Studs


Designed together with Edwina Alexander Showjumper, these reins are a more effective version of the traditional “continental” reins that have been around for years. Their secret lies in the fact that they have nearly double the amount of leather stoppers sewn down the length of the reins, so you can always get a perfect position. They provide not only a better grip, but allow the rider to keep a more precise and steadier contact.

The Edwina reins are also slightly shorter than normal, to avoid the danger of getting the foot caught up in the excess loop – if using them for showjumping or eventing – especially when riding smaller horses. The shorter length also helps in managing the excess loop while galloping.

Color: Brown

Length: 51″

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Made with trademark class and quality, there is a pair of Vespucci reins to suit any need and complement any of our bridles! Vespucci reins are beautifully made and sturdy to ensure years of excellent performance.

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