Field Relief Fly Mask Max


Horse & Rider Best in Test WINNER 2021

A full-face UV fly mask combining the best protection against sun and insects with exceptional comfort for the horse.

  • Protects from sunburn by blocking out over 70% of harmful UV rays
  • Made with comfort in mind – featuring padding at the nose and brow and horse-shaped ears.
  • Fits close to keep flies out, with eye darts to allow ample clearance of the eyes and eyelashes
  • Detachable nosepiece included
  • With one-year product guarantee
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Product Description

The difference is in the detail for this Full Face UV Fly Mask with nose cover.

Pride has been taken when designing this popular full-face UV fly mask. We looked at every detail to make sure it is not only effective against flies but also comfortable for your horse to wear. It covers your horse’s entire face from ears to nose.

Here are some of the main features in the Field Relief Max UV Fly Mask with nose cover.

  • Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks with elasticated binding. This allows for a close fit to ensure flies can’t sneak inside the fly mask.
  • Soft sponge padding at the nose and brow. This feature helps to keep your horse comfortable, especially when wearing the mask for long periods of time.
  • The tough UV protective mesh which UV Fly Mask blocks out over 70% of the sun’s harmful rays. The rigidness of the mesh over the face allows it to sit away from the face and keep its structure.
  • Strategically placed eye darts. There’s probably nothing more uncomfortable for your horse than a fly mask sitting on their eyes and eyelashes. The eye darts help with the structure of the mask, keeping it away from the eyes.
  • ‘Horse-shaped’ ears. Again, we’ve looked at this in detail to ensure maximum comfort for your horse. The ears are generous for those who need more space.
  • Detachable nosepiece or nose cover. Take it off if and when you don’t need it or leave it on. Super strong hook and loop will ensure it stays in place.
  • One-year guarantee. While it’s guaranteed for a year, many of our fly masks see multiple seasons!

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Take a look at our handy size guide tab for measurements. As a rough guide, you can base the size on your horse’s headcollar or bridle size. i.e. Cob = Medium. Full = Large.

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