NEW Field Relief Fly Sheet


Completely redesigned!

Available Early April 2024 👀

Discover Unparalleled Comfort and Protection with the Field Relief Fly Rug

Engineered for your horse’s ultimate comfort and protection, the Field Relief Fly Rug is a testament to innovative design. With a commitment to keeping your equine companion cool, comfortable, and free from flies, this rug features a unique hexagonal pattern proven to reduce fly landings by an impressive 55% compared to standard fly rugs. Its thoughtful design incorporates anti-rub lining, wither and shoulder relief shaping, and 90% UVB protection, ensuring your horse enjoys freedom of movement and peace from pests in the field.

Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative Design: Unique hexagonal pattern significantly reduces fly landings.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Anti-rub lining and wither pressure relief panel for maximum comfort.
  • Superior Protection: Offers 90% UVB protection, keeping your horse safe from harmful rays.
  • Optimal Fit: Elasticated surcingles with belly flap and extra-large tail flap for a secure fit.

Tailored for Equestrian Excellence

Crafted with the well-being of your horse in mind, the Field Relief Fly Rug addresses the essential need for a comfortable, protective, and long-wearing fly rug. By combining a scientifically tested pattern to deter flies, with materials that offer sun protection and prevent rubbing, this rug sets a new standard in equine care. Perfect for horses sensitive to UV rays, prone to fly irritation, or those who require extra care during the warmer months, the Field Relief Fly Rug is the ultimate choice for discerning horse owners.

Available Early April 2024 👀

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Product Description

NEW Field Relief Fly Sheet

Made with your horse’s comfort in mind, the Field Relief Fly Sheet will keep your horse protected from the flies while remaining cool and able to move freely in the field. With a unique hexagonal pattern tested to reduce fly landings by 55% on average when compared to other fly rugs*.


  • Anti-rub lining.
  • Wither pressure relief panel.
  • Shoulder relief shaping
  • 90% UVB protection.
  • Elasticated surcingles with belly flap.
  • Extra-large tail flap.
  • Contoured back shaping.

The inspiration behind the Field Relief Horse Fly Sheet

We had a few requirements we wanted to address with the Field Relief Fly Sheet. First and foremost was comfort. As a rug your horse wears for long periods of time and moves around in all day (and potentially all night), we wanted a rug that would fit from ears to tail for full protection, allow your horse to move and keep them cool. Features like our unique shoulder shaping, as well as our wither relief panel and anti-rub lining, offers space and allows your horse to move with ease.

Secondly, we tested several colors and patterns to see which one flies liked landing on the least! The monochrome hexagonal print had less than half the amount of fly landings when compared to other plain and colored rugs*, and therefore influenced our design.

What is it made of?

The rug is made up of different panels to allow relief and ease of movement through the high movement areas, as well as those at risk of rubbing.

A quick dry, Lycra panel lines the top of the neck allows a snug fit for protection against flies while preventing against rubbing. The use of a separate Lycra panel also eliminates the need for a silky satin lining inside the fly rug mesh, offering a more breathable option with less material.

This neck panel then feeds down to the wither relief panel which is designed so there are no seems on the sensitive and prominent wither area.

Going down from this is our unique shoulder relief shaping, made with extra material to allow your horses shoulder to move without restriction.

The mesh of the rug is designed to be closed enough to restrict biting insects, but open enough to keep the horse cool when the temperatures are warmer. Finally, the material protects against the sun’s harmful rays, offering 77% UVA and 90% UVB protection.

Who is this UV protective fly rug for?

  • Horses with a UV sensitivity.
  • Horses sensitive to fly irritation​.
  • Horses who bleach in the sun.
  • Horses prone to sweet itch​.
  • Horses who get warm easily.
  • Sensitive horses prone to rubbing.

*Field Relief Fly Sheet Testing Results

Our aim was to determine which fabric print or color choice had the least amount of fly landings. While this testing was conducted by ourselves in the development stage of the fly rug product, our test method was based on a combination of the methods used by the professors from the University of Bristol and other previous studies that investigated fly landings on cattle.

We tested a total of 5 different fabrics of identical size and created baited ‘landing zones’ for flies. We recorded these zones for a total of 6 hours, before repeating this on 3 separate occasions and an average was taken from this.

The results showed that our monochrome hexagonal design had significantly fewer landings than plain colors – The randomized Black & White print didn’t perform as well as expected, we would speculate this was due to there still being larger patches of black within this particular design.


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