Gold Dressage Pad w/SS Panels front trim only, White Q/Natural SS/Orange Binding/Brown & Maize Piping, Large

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White Q/Natural SS/Orange Binding/Brown & Maize Piping

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Product Description

E. A. Mattes GOLD pads are made from the same design and high quality materials as the sheepskin pads. Instead of full sheepskin panels, the GOLD pads are made with high loft, dense, 11/4″ long wool on a fabric backing. The front and rear trim are sheepskin which allows the GOLD collection to enjoy all the colors of the Couture Collection. Should Couture Collection colors be desired, the sheepskin trim will be in the selected color while the panels(underside) will be a natural wool color. MELP is still recommended since the GOLD collection pads are still made partially with sheepskin.

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