Slim Line Athletico Short Girth w/ Detachable Cover

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For the horse with everything tapering towards the rear, making the saddle slip backwards pulling the girth with it.

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Product Description

Mattes ingenuity comes through in the SLIM-LINE Girths. Available in all four styles of Mattes girths: Asymmetric, Athletico, Contoured, and Crescent in both long and short, the SLIM-LINE girths feature a detachable sheepskin cover with leather closures and a leather base rather than the traditional quilt fabric, for a sleek, low profile appearance. Leather is available in BLACK, BROWN, and CHAMPAGNE. Sheepskin covers are available in all the Mattes Couture Sheepskin colors.

The Athletico Girth was created to accommodate a horse with a saddle position that is quite far back but a forward girth pocket. The design allows the girth to stay comfortably in the correct position, rather than sliding back causing the saddle to slide back with it.

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