Stretch & Flex™ Exercise Bandages (Set of 4)


Sizes: One Size, Colors: WH Stretch & Flex™ Bandages provide the protection of a polo wrap with a unique built-in Cool Space Liner. Proven in tests to be 42% more cooling, 37% more wicking, and 17% more protective than traditional polo wraps. Four way stretch does not hinder movement and minimizes the risk of uneven pressure.

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Product Description

When support, flexibility, and comfort are key, Stretch & Flex™ revolutionary ?materials are the answer. Lightweight, high-tensile strength performance fabrics with ultra-thin polyester membrane and elasticity, make it ideal so movement can remain unhindered. Stretch & Flex products maintain consistent body heat, blood flow, and compression in the horse’s legs during all levels of activity. The materials allow excess body heat and perspiration to exit through the wraps at a controlled rate while standing. During exercise, the horse’s movement actively pumps excess heat and perspiration away from the leg. Stretch & Flex™ keeps your horse’s leg temperature stable, and cooler legs are proven to be less prone to injury.


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