*NEW* Stretch & Flex™ Training Wraps


So – what’s new?

• New version of Stomatex material.
• Perforated neoprene layer has been replaced with automotive grade spacer mesh, which is typically used on car seats to increase comfort for the driver. This material has been developed to keep its cushioning even after decades of use.
• An additional layer of orange jersey fabric is attached to the spacer mesh panel for an even softer feel against the horse’s leg.
• The Training Wrap has a new even closer fit around the fetlock due to specialist tailoring pattern cutting techniques used for this new construction.
• Protective matt vinyl has been added to the straps for strength.

The original dressage wrap, reinvented. Soft, comfortable & breathable schooling boots.

Be the first to own our newly designed Stretch and Flex Boots.

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Product Description

Flexible schooling wraps designed to be comfortable and breathable, offer gentle support and some protection from brushing.

  • Offers the support of a bandage with the convenience of a boot.
  • The unique material actively pumps air away from the leg to keep it cool.
  • The 4-way stretch allows your horse freedom of movement.
  • The soft material is ideal for horses with sensitive skin or lumps and bumps.

What inspired the Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps for horses?

A horse called Timmy was the inspiration behind these innovative support wraps. Timmy had extremely sensitive skin, which was rubbed by other boots. He needed something soft and comfortable, but also something suitable to keep his legs protected, cool and allow him to move freely when dressage training. As a result, the Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps were born!

What is the material used within the Stretch & Flex Wraps?

These popular dressage wraps are made from a unique material called Stomatex, which was originally developed for human athletes. The material is perfect to provide support, comfort and breathability due to its technical properties:

  • 4-way stretch to allow free movement without restriction
  • Actively breathable keeping legs cooler
  • Soft lining to ensure comfort against the horses’ leg.

4-Way Stretch:

Being able to stretch the material in multiple directions makes it ideal to wrap around mobile legs, without restricting movement.
In the human world, Stomatex is commonly used in heat acclimatisation suits, padding for wheelchairs, special wetsuits and sports injury support bandages.

Actively Breathable:

Stomatex features dome shaped chambers which contain a tiny pore in the centre. As the horse moves this dome flexes, which ‘pumps’ air away from the leg allowing it to stay cool.


The soft material is comfortable against the horses’ skin, but it also provides some padding on the inside of the leg to aid protection against knocks. The stretch also allows the wraps to sit over lumps and bumps and move around them, rather than agitate them.

Who are these horse support boots for?

Not only ideal for dressage and schooling, the Stretch & Flex Training Wraps can also be used for hacking, lunging, showing, endurance, carriage driving, as well as low level jumping.

The are great for horses:

  • With big movement
  • Doing lateral work
  • Who could benefit from additional support
  • With knocks, bumps and scars
  • With sensitive skin

How do I care for the Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps?

Our Stretch & Flex range are easy to care for. Machine washable at 30 degrees, we recommend you close the straps to ensure the hook and loop does not get caught.

A Hook Cleaner Brush can be used to keep the hook in good working order so it attaches to the loop effectively.

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