Plain Raised Dressage Bridle


A classical look for every horse. The Plain Raised Dressage Bridle has a padded Single Crownpiece, padded nose and browband, and adjustable protection under the jaw. This bridle comes with a flash.

Reins sold separately.

5/8″ cheeks – 1″ noseband – 7/8″ browband

All Vespucci bridles are now made with the new Resistance Free crownpiece. Peter Menet based the design on the success of the Amerigo girths, that have no resistance anywhere in the girth area regardless of body shape. The new crownpiece functions in the same way for all shapes and sizes, large or small ears.

Dressage Series now feature:

  • Improved padding on the flash attachment
  • Anti-Pinch Protection on the flash strap protecting the delicate skin around the mouth
  • Improved buckle fastening and extended padding on the noseband
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Product Description

If you are looking for a bridle with an innovative design that puts the horse’s comfort and performance first, look no further!

Following an exhaustive study of equine anatomy more than two decades ago, Peter Menet learned where a horse is susceptible to facial pain and injury, inspiring him to literally reinvent the bridle. Vespucci’s proven design incorporates the biomechanics of a horse in motion, pressure points on the horse’s head, and the best way to communicate between rider and horse. All Vespucci Bridles offer a signature padded Single Crownpiece, padded nose and browband, and adjustable padded protection under the jaw. With Vespucci, your bridle is more than a tool. It is an Instrument of Performance.

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