Using the Equilibrium Hotspot on Your Horse!

Using the Equilibrium Hotspot Massage Mitt on your Horse

There are many different ways to use this ‘handy,’ hand-held device offering both massage and heat for horses and their owners/riders alike. Get the battery charged up so that the light on the charger goes green, and you’re good to go!

Introducing the Hotspot to your horse

We suggest allowing your horse to sniff the Hotspot while it is turned off. This is especially important for nervous horses or those suspicious of new things. If your horse is happy, you can start stroking the Hotspot over the body in a similar motion to grooming. Following this, turn the Hotspot onto a low setting and continue to sweep it over their body and make sure they are comfortable before increasing the intensity.


Choosing your setting:

There are 2 types of massage you can choose from, in addition to heat.

For an all-over massage

The blue, continuous massage button option is designed to be used by sweeping it over large muscle groups for an all-over massage. This ensures that each muscle is getting delivered the same massage by the mitt. Always ensure you’re moving in the direction with the hair, and adjust the low, medium, and high settings depending on your horse’s preferences and what you are using it for. Ideally, spend 2 minutes on each main muscle group, and then repeat this on the other side of your horse or pony.

To target a specific area on your horse

The purple, cyclical massage button option is ideal for targeting areas on your horse. This setting goes through a ‘cycle’ which includes vibration, oscillation, and pulsing actions to work the muscle in different ways. When using just vibration in the same place, this can sometimes cause a ‘numbing’ sensation – which is why this is the best option for targeting a specific muscle. Again, depending on your horse and the situation, you can choose from low, medium, or high intensities and use for 5-10 minutes on the same area. If your horse is happy, you can also put a bit of weight behind the mitt for a more intense massage.

Using the heat function for your horse

The red button turns the heat option on and off. This is ideal for a gentle session to aid healthy circulation and perfect for sensitive horses, those returning to work or help warm up muscles prior to stretching or exercise. It can be used alongside the massage options; however, we recommend that to get the best effect, heat should be concentrated on a small area, so is best used alone or in conjunction with cyclical massage to target a specific area. Heat can be used for up to two consecutive sessions (20 minutes) in one spot.


Choosing Low, Medium, and High Settings

Low Setting Medium Setting High Setting
For introductory sessions, to aid in cooling down after exercise, or for a particularly sensitive horse. The go-to everyday setting to use before exercise and general maintenance. If your horse prefers a more intense massage, if they have a thick coat or are slightly overweight.


In general, it’s always recommended that you introduce the Hotspot to your horse using the low setting and only move up to medium or high once you are happy that they are confident with it. While most horses accept its use immediately, if a horse is suspicious or nervous, they won’t feel inclined to relax and make the most of the benefits heat and massage have to offer.


The Battery and Charger

A full charge can take up to 12 hours and should last for 10 x 10-minute sessions with heat and on high in the Hotspot. When on the charger, the charger’s indicator light will be red until the battery is charged and the light goes green. When you are ready, you can connect the battery to your Hotspot by opening the base of the Hotspot using the red tabs and plugging the battery into the cable.

Using heat will draw more energy from the battery than massage. When the battery no longer has enough power to run heat, all icons on the control panel will flash and turn off. When this happens, you will still be able to use massage for a while; however, the battery will need to be fully charged again before you can use the heat function of the Hotspot again.


Do not use the hotspot on the following:

  • Open wounds, new injuries, or new swelling (first 48 hours).
  • Where there is suspected infection or malignant tumors.
  • Avoid massaging over bony areas such as wither, point of shoulder, and hip.
  • Do not apply more than 2 consecutive cycles of heat in one spot.
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