WEB Endorsed Riders Honored By USEA


Buena Vista, VA (January 18, 2012) ? Eventing riders endorsed by World Equestrian Brands, LLC, an equestrian company dedicated to providing equestrians with the finest products on the market, rode away with top honors from the United States Eventing Association (USEA) in 2011. From winning the coveted USEA Rider of the Year title to taking home the prestigious International Developing Rider Grant, World Equestrian Brands riders showed off their successful competitive year in style ? not only winning multiple awards but also doing it in tack from World Equestrian Brands.

?These riders work really hard and are dedicated to the sport, and it is great to see them honored for their efforts. They have accomplished so much this year and we are grateful to be part of their winning team,? said Robin Moore, President of World Equestrian Brands. ?It is awesome to see the trickledown effect of the riders? talents, as their students also had milestone accomplishments throughout the year and took home some pretty impressive awards from the USEA.?

International event rider Buck Davidson, who has a lengthy resume which includes representing the United States at the Pan Am Games and being named as the alternate for the Hong Kong Olympic team, as well as many successful runs at Rolex, earned the prestigious USEA Rider of the Year title. ?We want to congratulate Buck on this outstanding achievement of being named the USEA Rider of the Year. We are so pleased for him. He also won the Preliminary Adult Rider of the Year title,? Moore said. ?Buck is a long time supporter of World Equestrian Brands products and he rides his horses in all of our Amerigo, Vespucci, Mattes, and Equilibrium Products.?

Davidson?s equine partner, Ballynoe Castle RM, owned by Carl and Cassie Segal, also finished out the year on top, taking home the USEA Horse of the Year title, the Gold Cup Series Horse of the Year title and the USEA Advanced Horse of the Year award. ?Buck also competes Absolute Liberty, owed by Sharon Will, and she won the USEA Mare of the Year title,? Moore said. ?Buck riders both Ballynoe Castle and Absolute Liberty in all World Equestrian Brands tack. It is such an honor to be part of their success.?

Caroline Martin, who rides with Buck, won the Preliminary Junior Rider of the Year award. ?Caroline also won the Nutrena Young Talent Award, which was very exciting. Buck is not only a phenomenal rider, but an exceptional trainer as well and Caroline is living proof of that,? Moore said.


World Equestrian Brands endorsed rider Alexandra Slusher also made headlines in the USEA, earning the $10,000 Endowment Trust Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant award. ?We are so pleased for Allie and can?t think of anyone who deserves this more. Earning this grant will help further her very promising career,? Moore said.

Moore added, ?We also want to congratulate Nina Ligon, who has been riding with World Equestrian Brands rider Kim Severson for many years. Nina, who is well outfitted on a lot of WEB tack, won the Preliminary Young Adult Rider title, the Intermediate and Advanced Young Rider of the Year and the USEA Young Rider of the Year. What a remarkable accomplishment, Nina is clearly a wonderful rider and sets a high bar for herself!?

World Equestrian Brands is well known in the equestrian community for their extensive line of tack and equestrian products, and in addition to endorsing event riders they also endorse dressage riders and show jumpers. World Equestrian Brands is the U.S. distributor of Amerigo saddles and strap goods, Vespucci, E.A. Mattes and Equilibrium products.

World Equestrian Brands also believes in giving back to the equestrian community and is sponsoring the ?Tack Matters? Award during the winter show season in Florida, recognizing riders competing in functional, beautiful and well-fitting tack. ?The tack we use on our horses certainly does matter, as evident by how well our endorsed riders, their students and horses did this year. We are proud of all they accomplished and congratulate everyone on their amazing success,? Moore said.

To learn more about World Equestrian Brands visit their website at www.worldequestrianbrands.com or call 1-888-637-8463.

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