Comfort for the horse and stylish quality have made Vespucci bridles and Strap goods a favorite of riders of all English disciplines.

If you are looking for a bridle with an innovative design that puts the horse’s comfort and performance first, look no further! Following an exhaustive study of equine anatomy, Peter Menet learned where a horse is susceptible to facial pain and injury, inspiring him to literally reinvent the bridle. Vespucci’s design incorporates the biomechanics of a horse in motion, pressure points on the horse’s head, and the best way to communicate between rider and horse. All Vespucci Bridles offer a signature padded Single Crownpiece, padded nose and browband, and adjustable padded protection under the jaw. With the advent of Vespucci, your bridle is more than a tool. It is an Instrument of Performance.

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