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Available Early April 2024 👀

Introducing the Quick Chill Cooling Sheet for Horses from Equilibrium, an innovative solution designed to keep your equine companions comfortable and cool during the warmest days. Our state-of-the-art cooling sheet for horses leverages water-activated conduction technology to effectively dissipate heat from your horse’s body, promoting optimal comfort without the hassle of traditional soaking methods.

Effortless Cooling Technology The Quick Chill Cooling Sheet is engineered with your horse’s wellbeing in mind, featuring a specialized material that absorbs and retains water. This unique open cell structure material not only allows for effective heat transfer but also ensures that your horse stays dry, avoiding the discomfort of being soaking wet. It’s perfect for warm competition days, post-travel cooling, or any situation where traditional cooling methods are not practical.

Sustainable and Versatile Our cooling sheet is not just about immediate relief; it’s also about sustainability and convenience. Easily reactivated with water, it offers a reusable, eco-friendly cooling solution that can be used multiple times, making it ideal for competitive environments, remote locations, or even during travel restrictions like hose pipe bans.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced water-activated conduction technology for efficient cooling.
  • High-tech, breathable material for optimal heat dissipation.
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly, reducing the need for continuous water use.
  • Ideal for competitions, travel, and areas with limited water access.

Available Early April 2024 👀

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Product Description

Quick Chill Cooling Sheet for Horses from Equilibrium

The perfect solution to cool the temperature of your horse. This advanced sheet well-being water-activated conduction technology draws heat away from your horses’ body, promoting optimal comfort and cooling during warm weather.

How the Quick Chill Sheet works:utilizes

Designed with your horses’ wellbeing in mind, the Quick Chill sheet provides a refreshing cooling effect without the need for traditional soaking.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Quick Chill sheet works:

  1. Specialised Material

The sheet is made from a high-tech, breathable open cell structure material, which is designed to effectively absorb and store water. This material has been chosen for its ability to retain water, but also to allow the water molecules to move through the fabric easily.

The sheet should be fully submerged in a bucket of water, or thoroughly soaked. Once removed from the bucket, wring out the excess water and place it onto the horse. The water stored within the fabric is essential for the cooling process, but due to it being held within the fabric, it will stop your horse from getting soaking wet.

Quick Chill Material Dry (above)

Quick Chill Material Wet (above)

  1. Heat transfer, evaporative cooling and breathability.

Your horse will be warmer than the sheet, and so the thermal energy will move via conduction from the hottest place (the horse) to the cooler place (the sheet) to equalize temperatures. The water from the sheet also evaporates into the atmosphere to further aid cooling, similar to what happens when your horse sweats to naturally attempt to cool themselves down.

The cooling area of the sheet is contoured and shaped so that it covers the large muscle groups across the back and hindquarters with direct contact, and the remainder of the sheet is mesh to allow it to remain lightweight for use in the summer, but also to remain well-ventilated to facilitate breathability and evaporation to further aid the cooling process.

  1. Reusability

This process helps regulate the horses body temperature while providing a cooling sensation without making the horse wet. The sheet can be reactivated as many times as it is needed by re-soaking it in water, making it an environmentally friendly solution to keep horses cool in warm conditions.

Ideal for:

  • Cooling your horse down without the need to get them soaking wet.
  • Warm competition days to gently cool your horse before, in between or after classes.
  • Horses who get hot when/after travelling.
  • Horses who don’t like the hose, or the feeling of running water.
  • Yards or remote locations where running water may be limited.
  • Training sessions, competitions, or arena hires where access to running water is limited.
  • Countries or areas where hose pipe bans may be enforced.

How to use the Quick Chill Cooling Sheet:

Simply submerge the cooling sheet in a bucket of water until it is fully saturated, before wringing it out as an effective way to cool your horse down without soaking them.

If you have limited access to water, you can activate the sheet as above where you have running water (i.e. at home or the stables), before placing it into a plastic bag and taking it with you to where it is needed. The sheet will stay activated in this environment for the rest of the day.

Alternatively, sprinkle water from a hose or bottle of water onto the sheet, wring out the excess water and then put on your horse.

We recommend monitoring the temperature of the outside of the sheet by feel to ensure it is removed when it feels warm. It can then either be reactivated in water to be used again straight away or left to dry out.

Care should be taken in humid climates and the sheet should be checked more often, as humidity can affect the process of evaporation in general, from the sheet or even on an un-sheeted horse.

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