Tri-Zone® Allsports II

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Product Description

The Tri-Zone® brand is built on a core principle of zoned protection – unrivaled protection where it’s needed most.
Tri-zone boots provide proven protection with the additional benefits of being lightweight, cool and flexible.

Safety tested in a laboratory to evaluate protection levels, this multipurpose boot is designed to be so versatile that it is a favorite among busy horse owners as it can be worn for a wide variety of equestrian activities from jumping, cross-country, flatwork and trail riding to lunging and turnout in the paddock. Allsports II features a tough and flexible TPU tendon guard, preforated layers to allow the leg to breathe, a soft quilted inner liner, impact absorbing outer layer of EVA mesh, double Velcro system for security and has a handy grip tab for easy removal. Extremely lightweight, these boots will actually float on water. The added detail of a tasteful amount of patent TPU on the straps gives this boot a modern sleek look.

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